AmazonBasics Comfort Memory Foam Topper Review

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A mattress topper may not be a necessity for everyone. However, if you need to remain cosy while you sleep or enhance the support of your existing bed, a mattress topper is an excellent addition. A good mattress topper can improve comfort levels and regulate your temperature as you sleep.

But the most incredible thing about mattress toppers is that they can extend the life of your mattress by at least a year, and sometimes up to 5 years if you buy a good one.

One such topper that has caught our attention is the AmazonBasics Comfort memory foam topper. It is an all-foam design by Amazon under their private label. We purchased one of these toppers at the beginning of the Covid lockdown and have been using it ever since. So, let’s take a closer look at this mattress topper and understand its composition, the pros and cons, and, hopefully, help you decide whether or not it’s worth buying.

Mattress Topper Construction

The cover

The cover is designed from a blend of polyester and rayon in measures of 3:2, respectively. So, why the choice of the polyester-rayon blend for the cover?

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fibre, i.e., it’s a product of processed tree material and wood pulp. Thus, it is soft and stretchy yet durable. On the other hand, polyester’s strongest point is that it can withstand lots of wear and tear, especially through washing. Combining these features gives rise to a more durable, resilient, and soft cover.

Visually, the cover has a subtle shine and a more natural look. So apart from standing up to frequent usage, this cover has an appealing feel and look. We’d describe it as soft and luxurious, while the grey edges add a modern look.

Unzipped cover revealing foam
Unzipped cover

Remember, the cover unzips on the side. So you can remove and wash it to maintain high standards of cleanliness.

Another incredible thing about the Amazon mattress topper is that it doesn’t slip while you sleep. Why? All its four corners have straps that can tuck underneath your existing mattress, acting as anchors. You’ll need to use these straps to attach to the four corresponding corners of your mattress. This fitting is very effective in ensuring that the topper remains put, regardless of how intense your movements are.

Topper with straps
Straps anchor the topper in place

Also, to further aid non-slip, on the underneath of the topper and attached to the cover, hundreds of tiny plastic feet help keep the topper in place.

The Inner Foam

The AmazonBasics mattress topper is made of pure viscoelastic memory foam. That implies it carries the standard properties of memory foam, without the infusion of any other materials like gel or graphite.

The foam is superior in quality – ultra-soft and highly breathable, ensuring that you sleep cool. For added peace of mind, the material meets the certification standards of both CertiPur-EU and OEKO-TEX. That translates to superior quality, safety, and sustainability.

7 zone Amazon mattress topper
Corrugated 7-zone design

Also, it’s important to note that the Amazon mattress topper features a 7-zone design. This means each area of the topper from head to foot is designed to cradle your body according to where support is needed most. This is an increasingly popular design in mattresses nowadays but less rare in toppers.

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Mattress Topper Performance


The manufacturer (Amazon) doesn’t explicitly state the firmness of this mattress topper. However, from our experience, we’d rate the firmness around the medium mark – not too hard and not too soft. Such a factor makes it universally appealing to most customers.

The medium firmness offers a perfect balance of support and pressure relief. With the help of a 7-zone structure, the mattress topper provides decent support to back and side sleepers. It also conforms to your body enough to relieve pain and pressure, especially in people having arthritis and scoliosis.

When using the topper out of the box with the correct side up, you’ll find that the foam has a corrugated design. Now, this isn’t for everyone’s taste, as it can be a rather pokey and irritating feel. We liked it, and find it offers a soothing, massaging feel. You can flip the foam over to avoid this, but first, you’ll have to unzip the cover, flip the foam, and then re-zip. This side facing upwards offers a smoother and softer feel but may affect your warranty as the foam is likely to perish sooner.

Heat Performance

Memory foam generally retains heat, and this can make your sleep a little bit uncomfortable. However, the AmazonBasics mattress topper uses the latest technology to minimise the tendency to retain trapped body heat. We found it sleeps very cool and had no issues regarding hot nights or trapped heat.

Air vents on the side of the topper
Holes for easy heat dissipation

The vented sides of the cover allow for free airflow, and the corrugated design of the foam means air can travel freely no matter which part of your body is in contact with the topper.

Edge Support

Edge support on a mattress topper is generally pretty poor and usually as good as the mattress underneath. Mattress toppers are thin and don’t have reinforced edges. Edge support on the Amazon mattress topper isn’t that much great. At 4cm thick, the topper compresses when you sit on the edge. And if you are heavy, it sinks more.

Durability Expectations

There is no information about the density of the foam used in this mattress topper. Therefore, it is a bit difficult to know exactly how it holds up. It has been in regular use for the past 6 months, and there isn’t a single sign of sagging or degradation.

Also, based on the 10-year warranty offered with this product, it’s expected that this mattress topper can last longer than most other brands.


When any memory foam product is opened from sealed packaging, it will undergo a process called off-gassing. This is simply the chemicals used in the foams and other materials letting off odor after being trapped in a sealed package for so long. The same can be said for the AmazonBasics Comfort topper.

The smell can be a little strong at first. After unpackaging the topper there was an immediate release of odor which lingered in the room for around 24-48 hours, even with the window open for most of the day. The smell soon dissipated, and within 72 hours, there was no hint of it whatsoever. In some scenarios, it may take longer.

Setup and First Use

Amazon mattress topper rolled up
Vacuum sealed and rolled

The mattress topper arrives rolled (vacuum packed) and stuffed in a cardboard box. Remove the rolled up topper from the cardboard packaging, and lay out the topper flat on the floor, or ontop of your existing mattress. Use a sharp knife or scissors to remove the plastic wrapping and dispose of it safely. You’ll notice that one side has a soft fabric with lots of tiny plastic dots. This is the bottom. 

Vacuum sealed and laid flat
Unrolled, still sealed, and with one fold

The topper will be relatively flat at this stage, so allow it at least 24 hours to ultimately expand to its 4cm height before using. Don’t forget to tuck the straps under each corner. 

Who Should Buy This Topper

Not everyone will find this mattress topper ideal. But if you fall into any of the following categories, you should be fine:

  • If you need pressure relief: The mattress topper is four centimetres thick, and since it’s memory foam, the topper contours to your body shape, giving you ultimate comfort. Thus, the mattress topper will soothe aches and pains, especially at common pressure points – back, hip, and shoulders.
  • Those who wish to give their mattress a new look and feel: If your mattress is old and sagging, but you lack the means of replacing it, a mattress topper can extend its life – it’s a cheap solution to an expensive problem.
  • People who need temperature-control: This product is designed from temperature-sensitive material like other high-end memory foam mattress toppers. If you sleep hot at night, you don’t have to worry about this topper exacerbating it because there is sufficient temperature neutrality.
  • If you have allergies: Memory foam is hypoallergenic. Its dense structure reduces the build-up of allergens. Essentially, mould, dust, mildew, and other allergens find it hard to get into the mattress.

Who Should Avoid This Topper

This mattress topper won’t be ideal for you if:

  • Toss a lot while sleeping: Memory foam conforms to your body shape and may offer some sinkage. So switching positions can be a little tricky, especially for overweight people.
  • If you weigh more than 15 stone: Although there has been no limit set by the manufacturer, we found that heavy people had less success with the effects of this topper. If you weigh over 15 stone, perhaps check our reviews on the best mattress for heavy people.

Final Thoughts

The 7-zoned “Comfort” Amazon mattress topper is an excellent solution for people who need pressure relief and support while sleeping. It easily transformed our sagging mattress into something that wasn’t painfully uncomfortable anymore, and at a low cost too. 

If you’re in the market for a mattress topper, this is overall a very good all-rounder that looks and feels much better than the price tag would suggest.

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