Best Travel Cot UK: Our Top 5 Roundup

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Travel cots are an absolute must for anyone travelling. Taking an old fashioned cot on journeys is virtually impossible and will give you back pain, and the aches and pains of a struggling with cramped space.

Travel cots are designed to be much more comfortable than their standard counterparts. The specific benefits include stability, compact storage, lightweight, easy to set up, water resistance, airflow foam base for comfort, breathable fabric top cover. All these features make them top products that you should consider purchasing to enjoy your next vacation or journey.

It is important to find out what is the best travel cot before buying one. Our review includes an overview of the products available in the UK, and what makes these baby travel cots different from others and what to look out for. There are also important features such as product size, weight, comfort levels and many more.

Even though the market has plenty of options to choose from, it can be hard to find the best travel cot that fits your needs and desires. With all the different designs and colours available, finding one that is affordable and comfortable takes some time as there are so many different features you can choose from as well as accommodating your specific needs. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of what we think are among the best. There are many others out there, but these are the top-rated that we’d recommend you take a look at:

Top 5 Best Travel Cots UK

Travel Cot Reviews

Red Kite Sleep Tight Travel Cot

Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot

The Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot is one of the best travel cots that you can purchase for your child. It offers great value, is lightweight, easy to assemble and comes complete with its own padded mattress and carry bag. It is very sturdy, but it still remains easy to fold away for when you are not using it so that it can be kept out of sight in a cupboard or car boot.

The mattress is the perfect size for your baby’s bed so they are comfortable on it while sleeping. It is made out of foam and absorbs any excess moisture.

It is also very compact. So, you don’t need to worry that it will take up a lot of room in your hotel room or if you are staying with relatives. It doesn’t protrude too far and can fit into any reasonably sized car boot or other luggage compartment so you can take it with you on holiday, camping trips, or when visiting friends and family.

This small travel cot has been designed to be very safe and has been certified by independent experts. It has been approved as a BSI (British Standard Institute) Safety Approved product which means that it has been tested and proved safe for your little one to use. The bars are strong and sturdy, but they have been coated with a soft finish to prevent your little one from getting hurt if they were to bump themselves on them.

You will also like that this travel cot can be used on all floor surfaces without needing extra padding or protection. It is incredibly lightweight so you don’t have to worry about carrying it around with you.

This travel cot is very hard wearing and can be used for your child until they are old enough to sleep in a bed with you. It will grow with your baby, so you can use it for as long as possible without purchasing another one.

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Hauck Travel Cot Set Sleep N Play Center

Hauck Travel Cot Set Sleep N Play Center

The Hauck Travel Cot Set Sleep N Play Center offers something good, great design and durability, and comfort. It is among the best travel cots for babies as it comes with the largest amount of features, including a bassinet, changing table, equipment bag, folding mattress, and carry bag.

The thick mattress on this one has been designed to be very durable and comfortable for your baby’s soft skin. It comes with a waterproof mattress cover that is designed to allow you to remove any mess that your baby may have made while sleeping. It also features mesh panels to keep the play pen ventilated.

Another feature that makes this travel crib very popular is that it has a great folding mechanism. This allows for easy storage and transportation when you need to take the bed with you. The mattress offers a soft cloth to lie on and offers comfort to your baby. It also comes with a high walls design to prevent any accidental falls or accidents, which is great for families who want something good but on a budget.

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The BABYBJÖRN Travel Cot is suitable from birth, providing comfort and safety for your baby wherever you are. It is lightweight and easy to store, making it the perfect item for any travel bag or hand luggage, even when using public transport.

The travel cot is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, making it perfect for holidays and short trips. For those trips that last longer than a weekend, the BABYBJÖRN is designed to be used as a bed for your baby. Use it as a full-sized crib, allowing you to use all of the space in your room. It can be used as a bed for your baby for many months, but the company recommends to stop using it when your baby leanrs to climb out and over the mesh panels.

Featuring an ergonomic design to give your baby a comfortable and healthy sleeping environment, the travel cot is lined with a thick layer of 100% cotton cover that is permeated with hypoallergenic polyester fibres, making the padded mattress soft and breathable. It also helps to protect your baby against dust mites.

The cot itself comes in three different colours; white, silver and black. There are cheaper models out there, but you can rest assured that the BABYBJÖRN really is one of the best travel cots for toddlers.

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Graco Compact Travel Cot

Graco Compact Travel Cot


High quality, safety tested and with adjustable height levels to suit your baby’s needs, the Graco Compact Travel Cot is a great choice for travelling. The cot converts to a playpen easily, so you can set it up once you get to your destination.

The newborn travel cot has a weight capacity of around 15 kg, making it suitable for children from birth up to three years of age. It is made of sturdy steel construction with an all-in-one folding mechanism and carry bag that makes it easy to transport and store.

The Graco cot also features an inbuilt mattress, removable bedding with a concealed zip, safety belt, breathable mesh sides, and a large zipped entrance panel. The mattress is firm with an anti-dust mite cover that can be removed when necessary with the added benefits of it being machine washable.

With three height settings it can support younger babies from birth up to 3 years old. Featuring a patented SureSafe design, the Graco Compact Travel Cot provides protection to your baby’s head while they are sleeping.

With an easy-carry handle, it can also be used on trips outside of the home.

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Chicco Next2Me Bedside Baby Crib

Chicco Next2Me Bedside Baby Crib

Chicco Next2Me Bedside Baby Crib is one of the best selling baby and toddler products in the UK and Europe. It is possibly the most compact travel cot on the market, but at the same time, it is very sturdy and well built.

You can carry this bedside crib with ease because of the mobility system provided by the handle between the mattress and main frame. Thanks to the travel cot’s innovative design, the Chicco Next2Me Bedside Baby Crib is very easy to assemble and take down. It comes with everything you need to put it up, just follow the included instructions, and you’ll be able to set up this crib in no time. Additionally, the folding travel cot has wheels at its base, which make it easy to roll around and manoeuvre if you want to move it from one place to another.

The mattress has a waterproof cover for extra protection against dust and liquids, which makes this product super durable. It is made of high-grade foam, and the fabric is very soft and comfy for your baby. The mattress is removable, which makes it easy to clean or change when your child grows older.

If you’re looking for a compact crib that is easy to set up and folds up very small, this bedside cot will satisfy your needs. Its small size makes it very convenient for home use, but also makes it perfect for travelling. The Chicco Next2Me Bedside Baby Crib can be used at home or while you are on the go.

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What Is a Travel Cot?

A travel cot is a form of bed that is designed for use when travelling or being away from home for an extended period of time. Over the last few years, they have been developed as an alternative to a standard cot that would be fixed in your room, but with the convenience of being portable. They are very lightweight and portable and can be easily taken up and down stairs, in and out of your car or even in your hotel room. It is recommended that you buy the best travel cot to ensure that you get maximum comfort while on the go.

A travel cot is designed for young babies and toddlers but can be used from newborn age suitability too, especially when used with the bassinet, which makes a great alternative to a Moses basket.

They are usually made from a durable material such as steel and have open mesh sides. Most come with a mattress and carry bag to help them pack up into a small travel space. Many of them will have extra features such as changing unit (or table), adjustable height base, changing mat, bassinet, wheels, insect net, and sometimes even cotton sheets.

How Do Travel Cots Work?

A folding travel cot is a perfect item to have for travelling. It helps you save space and money by making your baby gear smaller. This is a great item for those that love to camp or stay at home with family and friends.

The way they work is by using a base and collapsible frame that has been designed for this specific purpose. These frames are usually made from a durable material such as metal, and the bases come with a sturdy foundation for added safety. Most of the travel cot mattresses that are included will have a varying thickness of foam, depending on the brand and quality. For example, thicker foam will be heavier (and more expensive) due to the amount of material used. However, thinner foam is lighter weight but it can also be less durable. Unlike cot bed mattresses, these are much smaller and the dimensions will not match a standard cot.

Depending on which design you choose, the base can be flat or with legs. The flat base is easy to set up and even easier to take down quite quickly if you need to move it somewhere else for storage. The advantage with portable cots is that they are simple yet effective for home use, camping or any kind of activity that you want to enjoy over an extended period of time. Using a travel cot can provide comfort and peace of mind for any family while they are away from home.

Benefits Of Travel Cots

Mother with baby in travel cot

There are many benefits to using a travel cot. Some of the top benefits include: extra comfort, good back support, cool night’s sleep, lightweight, convenient transportation when travelling, can be easily folded down and is easy to store away when not in use.


Buying a travel cot is a great way to ensure that your child will have a comfortable night’s sleep while travelling or away from home. Many people take advantage of these products, and they are used for many different reasons other than travelling, such as camping and other outdoor activities, including gardening and using as a play pen during barbecues and the like. Many use them as a form of bed when bringing their pets to their homes or during the summer months. The material and the comfort of travelling cots has increased dramatically over the years.

Not age dependant

Some come with a detachable travel cot bassinet which is especially for younger babies. Families can use these for children who cannot yet roll or crawl. This form of bed will give them an extra level of comfort while helping them to learn how to roll over. Many travel cribs can be used anywhere, including camping, Airbnb or hotels that have no room for a bed frame. This form of bed is available in a variety of designs, so you can find one that fits your needs and needs very well.

Easy storage

Families like travelling cots because they are not only easy to store away when not in use, but they are also lightweight and easy to carry (by the handle at the top). They can be stored away in a car or a closet until you need them.

Easy assembly and disassembly

Some travel cribs come with an easy assembly feature; this makes it very easy to set up and then take it down again when not in use. They come with a carry bag which allows you to store them away when not in use, and many of them can be stacked on top of each other for storage. This form of bed is also great for travel accessories such as a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep while you travel. Many people love using these cots because they allow them to do things that would be impossible without them.

Travel Cot FAQ’s

Do travel cots need a mattress?

Yes, every travel cot will come with a mattress. Some come with an inbuilt changing table, while others might come with a separate mattress that will fit underneath the cot.

How do you clean travel cots?

You can easily wipe them down or dry them out in the summer when they are not in use. The best thing to do is to make sure that you wash any sheets on them after use, preventing it from getting dirty quickly. You can also purchase specific covers that will help to prevent mold and other issues from happening over time.

What age can a baby sleep in a travel cot?

Overall, most travel cots are suggested for babies who are 6 months old or older. Some are suitable from birth, but this is generally specified in the product description.

Can a newborn sleep in a travel cot?

Typically, a newborn travel cot will come with a bassinet placed inside the actual travel cot like an additional layer. As the baby gets bigger and older, they will outgrow the bassinet and start to use the travel cot without the additional bassinet.

What age do travel cots go up to?

According to most manufacturer specifications, most travel cots will fit babies up to around 10-15kg. Some may be made for children up to 3 years, but most children become too big for a travel cot by that age. Generally speaking, if your child can climb out of the travel cot, it’s time to stop using it.


A travel cot is one of the most important items you will need when travelling with your baby for overnight trips. This item will give your baby’s room away from home a safe and comfortable place to rest. Using the wrong travel cot for your baby could result in them not having a proper sleep or creating problems for you later on.

There are many different to choose from, but getting the right one is important for your baby’s safety and comfort. They should be lightweight enough that you can carry them whenever you need to move them, but also sturdy enough that they won’t collapse on top of your baby. The base should be flat so that you can assemble it quickly and then take it apart again without any issues. Most come with a mattress, making it easier to use than others that do not include one.

There are many different kinds of travel cots available on the market today but be sure to purchase the best one for your needs and needs. The best way to do this is by knowing exactly what features or specifications are important to you.

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